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January 06, 2005
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New 26-inch Flat LCD TV With Integrated DVD Recorder and 80-hour TiVo® DVR & Three New DVD Recorders With TiVo*: MSRP Ranging from $399 to $599

Las Vegas, NV – Jan. 6, 2005 – Humax USA, the “Easy-Digital” company, today announced that its 2005 line offering will include a new 26-inch flat LCD TV with a built-in DVD Recorder with TiVo* and three new DVD Recorders with TiVo*.

Focusing on ease-of-use and providing the consumer with the best possible television viewing and recording experience, Humax plans to ship a 26-inch LCD TV that integrates their award-winning DRT800 DVD Recorder with TiVo*. The LT2650 features a 16:9 aspect ratio; progressive scan DVD player and is equipped with a wide assortment of analog and digital inputs for additional audio and video component connectivity.

The LT2650 includes all the features and benefits of the DRT800 DVD Recorder with TiVo: An extremely easy-to-use DVD Recorder, a progressive scan DVD player, and an 80-hour TiVo digital video recorder (DVR). The multi-device functionality combined with the user-friendly TiVo interface enables consumers to easily find, record, view and later burn their favorite TV programs to a DVD. The integrated TiVo DVR also makes it possible for users to pause, rewind and instant replay live television broadcasts.

With retail availability targeted for Q2 and a $2,499 suggested selling price, Humax plans to begin securing distribution of the LT2650 at the 2005 International CES. According to Humax USA Business Development and Strategic Marketing VP Tony Goncalves, “The groundbreaking LT2650 is a perfect example of our company’s continued commitment to market innovative, easy-to-use digital products that enhance the television entertainment experience.”

DVD Recorders
Also targeted for Q2 introduction is an expanded DVD Recorder line-up that offers consumers different levels of hard-drive recording capacity and feature sets. Each model combines a digital video recorder (DVR) with the TiVo service*, a DVD recorder and a progressive scan DVD player. The DRT400 entry-level model, with 40-hour recording capacity and analog front inputs, will have a $399 suggested selling price. The DRT800 80-hour and DRT2000 200-hour models -- both of which include front DV inputs -- will have suggested selling prices of $499 and $599 respectively.

Goncalves says, “A growing TiVo product line, which includes a product as desirable as the LT2650
26-inch LCD TV, is a natural next step in 2005 for Humax. We had a great start in 2004 in the US market and intend to continue the positive momentum by offering consumers more choices and our loyal distribution partners more award-winning products in which to sell them.”

Key Features of all Humax DVD Recorders with TiVo
· 3-in-1 Humax offers easy-to-use interface for recording, playback and burning TV programming to DVD.
· 40, 80, and 200-hour Hard Disk Drive recording capacity (depending on model).
· Wired/wireless network connectivity through USB 2.0 allows connection to home network to enjoy the Home Media Features that enables you to access digital photos and music from the PC, schedule recordings online, and access programming from multiple TiVo boxes.
· Only the TiVo service burns DVDs in background; you can still record and watch live TV.
· Only the TiVo service allows you to manage what’s stored on the hard disc. You never have to worry about a program getting deleted.
· Now Playing menu makes it easy to find the shows you recorded onto DVD.
· Only the TiVo service works with any programming source including cable, digital cable, satellite, and antenna.
· Includes DV input for camcorder transfers directly to DVD and a set of Front AV inputs for easy access to analog video transfers. (Excludes DRT400)

Digital Video Recorders
Humax will continue to market the T800 80-hour and T2500 300-hour standalone TiVo® Series2™ DVRs, both of which became available mid-July 2004. Effective January 2005, Humax will increase their T2500 consumer hardware rebate to $150.

All Humax products will continue to be eligible for all TiVo-sponsored rebates.

For all Humax-related media inquiries please contact Muto Communications at 631.390.0218 or email For information on the TiVo service, please go to

About Humax
Founded in 1989, Humax Co. Ltd of Korea is one of the world’s leading digital satellite set-top box manufacturers, exporting its products to more than 90 countries across the globe. Listed on the Korean stock exchange (KOSDAQ), the company’s international headquarters and R&D facility are based in Korea with offices in Dubai, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, the UK and the US. In 1997, the company opened a manufacturing facility in Northern Ireland that won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade 2002. Further production facilities are located in Korea, India and China. Humax recorded revenues exceeded US $400 million in 2004 and has announced plans to increase this figure to $1 billion by 2006. Humax’s US headquarters are located in Irvine, CA. For additional information please visit or phone toll free: 1-866-HUMAXUSA.

* The TiVo service is required and sold separately. Pricing, terms and conditions of TiVo service are subject to change without notice. TiVo service is accessed through a standard telephone line and is available as a local call in most areas. In some areas, local and long-distance toll charges may apply.

TiVo and the TiVo Logo are registered trademarks of TiVo Inc. in the United States and other jurisdictions. Series2 is a trademark of TiVo Inc. All rights reserved. All other company or product names mentioned may be trademarks or registered trademarks of the respective companies with which they are associated.



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