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September 09, 2019
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Screen Excellence CEO Patrice Congard -- known as the originator of the modern, woven-fabric acoustically transparent film screen and also a seasoned loudspeaker designer -- has developed the Audio Excellence Series. Created to complement the A.T. film screen, the components consist of limited-range high-SPL speakers used as LCRs behind the film screen and surrounds, plus multiple subwoofers, rack-mountable multi-channel amplifiers and DSP crossovers.

The Audio Excellence systems employ Patrice’ss approach to loudspeaker design, layout logic and signal routing, all influenced from his experience in the pro audio world. Leveraged by the “Congard Code”, a simplistic home theater sound system design approach that maximizes the initial wavefront from the LCRs, the systems deliver what Patrice confidently says is “the most realistic and powerful bass response achieved in a home theater sound system today.”

An Audio Excellence 9.1.4 system will be demonstrated at Expo with booth partners Seymour-Screen Excellence and Wolf Projectors (Sound Room 10). In 2017, the trio’ss demo was hailed Best Home Theater Demo by AVS Forum, and a top demo by AVNirvana and Sound and Vision Magazine, with CEDIA Daily designating the Audio Excellence system a “Hot Product” for the past two consecutive years.

Rendlesham-Suffolk, England - September 10, 2019 - Acoustically transparent-specialized film screen brand Screen Excellence is tapping 2019 CEDIA Expo to again demonstrate to today’ss discerning home cinema designers just how truly accurate and remarkable sound reproduction can be. The company’ss Audio Excellence systems consist of several limited-range loudspeaker options, subwoofers, rack-mountable multi-channel amplifiers and DSP crossovers to accommodate from 5.1 to complete immersive audio setups. They are designed to create the kind of continuous, high sound pressure levels and exacting bass experienced in commercial cinemas. All the components are rich in build quality and performance, competitively priced and supported by a 5-year warranty.

Vertex LCRs / Surrounds
The Vertex series consists of three limited-range, high-SPL loudspeakers that operate from 100 Hz to 22 kHz and are coupled with a subwoofer via an active outboard DSP crossover. The speakers are slim, designed to be used in- or on-wall behind the A.T. screen and as surrounds.
Vertex 3 is a 500 Watts capable, high-sensitivity 3-way LCR that can be bi-amplified. Vertex 2 is a compact 2-way speaker ideal as LCR or surround. Vertex 1 is the smallest, ideal for surround.

The Vertex enclosures are hand-crafted in England and made of the finest components and materials. For added structural rigidity, the front and rear of the enclosures are made from steel. To thwart edge diffraction, the fronts are finished with absorbent foam. A further benefit to the small enclosures is the limited throw excursion of the driver cones; this serves to reduce distortion and optimize damping. All three models deliver astonishing sound pressure levels for their sizes. To blend with the décor, optional custom-printed artwork grilles are available.

Raijuu Subwoofers
The Raijuu series consists of two compact subwoofers (Raijuu 1 and 2) that operate from 20 Hz to 100 Hz. Raijuu 2 is a vented sub, ideally used for reproducing the LFE channel. Boasting a professional 18-inch driver and power handling capacity of 1400 Watts, the sub provides maximum impact and SPL for the ultimate in LFE channel playback. Also available is a powered version, Raijuu 2A.
Employing a 12-inch driver, Raijuu 1 is a small compact sub with 4-inch depth, shallow enough to fit in a drywall. Raijuu is versatile, it can be used in multiples in modular approach to create a huge subwoofer effect. For added rigidity, the front and rear of both models are steel.
Quattro Amps
The Quattro 06 is a 4-channel amp capable of delivering high current and high voltage on 4 channels simultaneously. The amp delivers 4x600 Watts per channel in 8ohms, 4x1200 Watts in 4ohms, and 2x2400 Watts in 8ohms in bridge mode. Utilizing an advanced class TD power supply, its world-class performance makes it the ideal powerhouse for home theater.

Quattro 04 has the same design as the 06, yet a slightly lower power rating (400 Watts per channel) ideal for less demanding applications like small systems surround or ceiling channels.

Octo 05 Amp
The Octo 05 is an 8-channel power amplifier operating in Class D. The amp delivers 8x500 Watts per channel in 8-ohms or 900 Watts in 4ohms. Its ultrafast switches afford a super low >109db signal/noise ratio, resulting in a natural, analog-like sound quality.

Combination Digital Signal Processor /Amp
Designed for ultimate performance and ease of installation, the DSP Quattro 06 combines a digital active crossover with a 4-channel high-power amplifier. Extremely flexible, any of its 4 input signals can be routed to any output (or added on any single output) making this the ideal solution for powering the L,C,R channel speakers with an added channel bass extension.
DSP Crossover
The DP 48 MKII digital active crossover incorporates 4 inputs that can be routed to any of its 8 outputs. These signals can also be added on any single output. The unit features important DSP crossover functionality, such as parametric and shelving equalization, and delays.

The Congard Code
The Audio Excellence systems employ Patrice’ss specific approach to loudspeaker design, layout logic and signal routing, all influenced from his experience in the pro audio world. Leveraged by the “Congard Code”, a simple home theater sound system design approach that maximizes the initial wavefront from the LCRs, the systems achieve what Patrice confidently claims, “is the most realistic and powerful bass response in a multichannel home theater sound system today.”

Patrice says Audio Excellence does not advocate frequency equalization to correct room inadequacies. The company believes this colors the sound and is based around one position (seat) in the audience. Instead, Audio Excellence’ss system approach concentrates on ensuring the initial wavefront reaches every audience member in the purest form possible, maintaining that room modes are solved using other means, such as acoustic treatments.

Widescreen Review Magazine
Perhaps Doug Blackburn of Widescreen Review Magazine said it best in May 2018, where he reviewed the Audio Excellence system: “I’sve heard some very good home theatre sound systems, but the Audio Excellence system is very impressive by any measure. Audio Excellence likens the performance to bringing the sound of commercial theatres into your home, but I’sve only been to one commercial theatre that sounded remotely as good as this Audio Excellence home theatre system. The noise floor is lower than I am used to hearing in just about any commercial movie theatre, and the precision and detail delivered is beyond anything I’sve heard in a commercial movie theatre. The Audio Excellence system delivers an entertainment experience that is lively, colorful, detailed, and addicting. If your theatre budget can handle the cost of this system, it should be on your short list of serious contenders. Patrice Congard has done something special here, and it would be a shame to miss out on this audio experience in a great home theatre system.”

About Audio Excellence
In 2015, with an established heritage of quality and unrivaled performance in the acoustically transparent film screen arena, Screen Excellence CEO Patrice Congard set out to design an extensive line of audio products that fully embodied his expertise and philosophy of audio technology. In 2016, Audio Excellence was launched, encompassing loudspeakers, amplifiers and DSP controllers which succeed in providing the ultimate Home Theater listening experience. Demonstrated in Europe at ISE 2016 and 2017, Audio Excellence made its North American debut at CEDIA Expo 2017. / Twitter: @audioExcell /


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