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December 20, 2019
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Huntingdon, UK - December 20, 2019 - Amina Technologies, celebrating 20-years as an innovator and manufacturer of invisible architectural speakers, has updated its flagship Mobius and EDGE series speakers. The Mobius-i features a new Excelsior exciter which delivers improved mid-range and high frequency performance. Also incorporating the new exciter and achieving smoother low frequency performance, the EDGE-i marks advancements in both performance and dry-wall installation.

Amina utilizes a Distributed Mode Loudspeaker (DML) design - aluminium honeycomb or composite soundboards with integrated exciters that together radiate detailed and full-bodied sound. This spread-source technology more evenly disperses sound in rooms than that of traditional cone-driven speakers (point-source), including those acoustically challenged by hard surfaces, glass walls and obstructions.

Completely concealed, without even as much as a seam showing, and capable of high sound pressure levels, the Amina speakers are used in a multitude of décor-sensitive environments including whole-house such as dining, kitchen, living and personal wellness rooms, hidden home theatre, gaming spaces, indoor swimming pools and outdoor Lanais. On the commercial / Pro AV side they are used in churches, classrooms, cruise ships and yachts, retail shops, restaurants, bars and so forth.

The Mobius speakers are engineered to be integrated into stud frame or solid walls or ceiling using either the company’ss cavity wall or solid wall backbox, or in millwork. The speakers work behind a range of materials including wet plaster skim (2mm), stucco, wood, leather, natural or man-made veneers and laminates. Once installed and covered, and sealed in their own environment, the Amina speakers are impervious to moisture and corrosive elements, and never go out of fashion. For these reasons Mobius provides the greatest flexibility of any invisible speaker for interior design integration / installation.

The new Mobius-i utilizes the company’ss new 2nd generation Excelsior class high frequency driver integrated into a honeycomb aluminum soundboard. This brings a significant 6dB boost in mid-range sensitivity over the previous version, plus an extended lower frequency and increased smoothness and extension in the high frequencies to above 30kHz. Available are the Mobius5i and higher SPL capable Mobius7i.

The EDGE represents a completely new approach for drywall application. The speaker gets installed by simply replacing a small section of plasterboard / drywall, attached only to the wall and not the studwork, therefore no special framing is required.

Once filled, taped, feathered and painted or finished over with thin veneer, it becomes fully invisible. It can also be installed as a post-plaster retrofit product.

By way of the new exciter, the EDGE-i delivers smoother low frequency extension over the previous version with increased power handling and an astounding sensitivity of 90dB @ 1 Watt/1 Meter including finish. The result is a dynamic, engaging listening experience unimagined from a simple installation product. Two models are available, the EDGE5i and higher sound pressure level capable EDGE7i.
The new models are available worldwide. For information on Amina in North America call 866.462.6462 or email

About Amina Technologies
UK-based invisible speaker design and manufacturer Amina Technologies has built a solid reputation for the design and manufacture of high-performance panel-based loudspeaker technology rendered completely invisible in application by decorating over. The product is used world-wide in the very best residential, marine and commercial properties. Whilst the company has been developing its ‘invisible speakers’s for over 20-years, the category is now widely recognized as having real significance in the future of smart homes, where aesthetics is just as important as technology. Click on any of these active links to check out our pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube
Amina Technologies Ltd, Cirrus House, Glebe Road, Huntingdon, Cambs, UK, PE29 7DL. Telephone 00 44 1480 354390


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