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September 03, 2019
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Loudspeakers Designed to Give Custom Integrators the Ability to Give Their Customers the Best Sound Quality Anywhere and Everywhere In and Out of Their Homes

Norwood, MA - September 3, 2019 - Atlantic Technology revamps its ceiling speakers and goes to the great outdoors on their 30th Anniversary exhibiting new products and categories at CEDIA Expo in Denver September 12 through 14th 2019.

“Atlantic Technology has been deepening their investment and commitment to the custom integration community by expanding and improving their full line of speakers for home theater, architectural and now outdoor applications. This consists of new models and designs with new technologies including advanced drivers and wireless technology,” says Paul Fredrickson, Business Development Director at Muto Communications, Atlantic Technology’ss PR agency-of-record. “The vertical integration of Atlantic Technology and their long-time speaker manufacturing partner gives them the ability to more readily expand and innovate as reflected by these two key product lines.”

Dramatically Expanded Outdoor Speaker Line

As part of Atlantic Technology’ss mission as a complete supplier of high-quality speaker solutions to custom integrators, they are expanding the All-Weather outdoor product line from a single model to 9 new models. Each are composed of three series; a Constant Current series, a Constant Voltage series and a SKAA® wireless series. All are sold in pairs and available in either black or white, outfitted with rugged, sealed non-resonant cabinets with matching perforated grilles. These 4-ohm nominal impedance speakers use both new high performance fiberglass woofers and 1-inch titanium tweeters for outstanding sound quality and high efficiency of 90 dB. The three constant voltage models include an adjustable transformer.

The most exciting and unique addition are the three SKAA wireless models which allow the outdoor speakers to wirelessly network with other SKAA products and transmitters in the home giving the users great flexibility to sync music to other in-house SKAA speakers from Atlantic, and let the homeowner control outdoor speakers independently or control all home SKAA speakers from a mobile device while outdoors. Remote speaker control is easy with the free SKAA “cmd.” app for iOS or Android devices that let users select, command and control speaker playback and volume for all home SKAA speakers.

Constant Current Series - Shipping Q1 2020
AW-SD100 4-inch fiberglass woofer, 1-inch titanium tweeter MSRP $299
AW-SD200 5.5-inch fiberglass woofer, 1-inch titanium tweeter MSRP $349
AW-SD300 6.5-inch fiberglass woofer, 1-inch titanium tweeter MSRP $399

Constant Voltage Series - Shipping Q1 2020
AW-TR100 4-inch fiberglass woofer, 1-inch titanium tweeter MSRP $329
AW-TR200 5.5-inch fiberglass woofer, 1-inch titanium tweeter MSRP $379
AW-TR300 6.5-inch fiberglass woofer, 1-inch titanium tweeter MSRP $429

SKAA Wireless Series - Pricing and delivery to be announced in 2020.
AW-WS100 4-inch fiberglass woofer, 1-inch titanium tweeter
AW-WS200 5.5-inch fiberglass woofer, 1-inch titanium tweeter
AW-WS300 6.5-inch fiberglass woofer, 1-inch titanium tweeter

New Upgraded In-Ceiling Speakers

Atlantic Technology has for years offered a wide range of in-ceiling speakers for best coverage in every application whether surround sound, whole house distributed audio, or commercial background music. They offer spectacular sound quality voiced to match Atlantic’ss box and in-wall speakers. This versatile line features micro-bezel designs, magnetic invisible grilles, included templates, push spring binding posts and quick brackets for easy installation. All models have optional new construction kits, back boxes and square grilles that give installers a solution for any need.

For 2019 Atlantic has developed new improved drivers, many featuring a proprietary curved fiberglass cone material that’ss stronger, lighter, humidity resistant and non-resonant for improved midrange sound quality and lower distortion. New silk dome tweeters are designed to produce audio quality that’ss natural sounding with excellent dispersion for ceiling locations in close proximity to user’ss ears. More new models are now carrying an 8 ohm nominal impedance for easier parallel driver installs. Unless otherwise noted all models available 2nd Half 2020 with pricing to be announced.

IC-6 SLM Shallow 6.5-inch Polypropylene Mica (PPM) cone, 1-inch silk dome tweeter 2.75-inch shallow depth. Shipping Now, MSRP $230

8-Inch Tri-Vectorâ„¢ Tri-Vector 8-inch dual voice coil PPM woofer, 1-inch silk dome tweeter dipole/bi-pole switch, mono, stereo or surround operation.

8-Inch + Tilt Tweeter 8-inch fiberglass cone, 1-inch tilt able silk dome tweeter.

8-Inch, Dual Tweeters 8-inch fiberglass cone, dual 1-inch tilt able silk dome tweeters, Dipole/bi-pole tweeter switch.

6.5-Inch, Tilt Tweeter 6.5-inch fiberglass cone, 1-inch tilt able silk dome tweeter, three level tweeter switch.

6.5-Inch, Dual Tweeters 6.5-inch fiberglass cone, dual ¾-inch silk dome tilt tweeters, Dipole/bi-pole tweeter switch.

6.5-Inch Tri-Vector Tri-Vector 6.5-inch dual voice coil PPM cone, 2x 1-inch silk dome tweeters. Mono, stereo or surround operation, dipole/bi-pole switch.

6.5-Inch High Ceiling High ceiling LCR, 6.5-inch PPM cone 15⁰ tilt woofer 1-inch silk dome tweeter.

Object Based Audio Object Based Audio, 6.5-inch PPM cone, 1-inch silk dome tweeter, tweeter level switch and front boundary compensation.

Android is a trademark of Google LLC. Atlantic Technology and Tri-Vector are trademarks of Atlantic Technology, Inc. SKAA is a registered trademark of Eleven Engineering, Inc.

For all Atlantic Technology press inquiries contact Muto Communications. Paul Muto phone: 631.849.4301, email: Paul Fredrickson phone: 781.308.2312, email:

About Atlantic Technology
Since 1989, Atlantic Technology’ss mission has been to create and market innovative stereo music and home theater surround systems, subwoofers, TV Soundbars, wireless smart multi-room systems, in-wall/in-ceiling and outdoor speakers that can be mixed into complete home entertainment solutions from simple to grand. Our global team of designers, engineers, technology partners and our own complete dedicated manufacturing make audio products to delight consumers world-wide who value superior music and film entertainment experiences with exceptional sound quality that exceed listener’ss expectations and stay true to the original work the artist created. For more information on Atlantic Technology and its many fine products for home theater and custom audio/video installation, visit or call 781.762.6300.


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