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March 01, 2017
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Co-founders Jason Potter and Dave Lessor are confident that Novus’s boutique approach of 2-3 top-offerings in each product category -- supported by a deeper level of product knowledge and ongoing trainings -- is exactly what’ss needed by dealers.

The company’ss doors are open for business now with a Grand Opening celebration and training event set for March 28.

Burlington, MA - March 1, 2017 - Industry experts Jason Potter and Dave Lessor have joined forces to launch Novus Distribution, Inc. and sister company NewLine Reps, Inc. Located 20-minutes northwest of Boston in Burlington, the companies serve the New England-area retailers and integration firms in the residential and commercial AV markets.

Novus Distribution CEO Potter has been a key player in the sales, distribution, system design, and technical support of CEDIA channel goods for close to 20-years. Lessor -- who serves as Novus president -- brings 10-years of commercial and residential A/V sales including integration experience.

Novus Distribution (Novus means “new” in Latin.)
Potter and Lessor came together because as Potter puts it, “Something different needed to be done in this region. We see distributors focused solely on clerking orders with little dealer support and with so many lines in the same product category that dealers get confused. Many distributors are also actively marketing their own house brands. We feel this further adds to the confusion. Novus’s plan is to keep it simple with 2-3 top offerings in each category. Our main goal is to provide guidance with sales, proposals, and technical assistance. We want to be the ‘go-to guys’s for when dealers have questions.”

Located at 9 Ray Avenue in Burlington, MA (behind Café Escadrille), Novus boasts a 6,000-square foot facility that features an open-concept floorplan for dealers to walk, shop and talk with sales specialists. The facility also features a dedicated training room that incorporates a Dolby Atmos demo theater.

“To not be blocked by the outdated sales counter-type setup, to be able to see and touch everything, to talk with us to depths about their installs, all makes for a comfortable, productive environment for dealers,” added Lessor. “We are betting they will find our entire approach much more advantageous.”

Novus Line Card
Key lines include Apollo Enclosures, Atlantic Technology, Belden, Blue Aura, Calrad, Canton, Celerity Technologies, Clearview CCTV, Cleerline, Crimson AV, DoorBird, Domotz, Dynamat, Flexson, Google, Lambda Screens, Luma Home, Midlite, Nest, Next Level Acoustics, Niveo Professional, NuVo, OnQ, Planet Waves, Platinum Tools, PPC, PowerBridge, ProMounts, Ring, Roku, Samsung, Sharp, Simple Control, TechLogix Networx, Vanguard Dynamics, Vidabox and Wavenet. New lines are being added monthly to fill out the company’ss offerings.

Novus Grand Opening Celebration
On March 28 Novus will celebrate its Grand Opening complete with vendor trainings and exciting sales specials and product giveaways. Eric Bodley of Future Ready Solutions will train dealers how to Future-Ready installations with whole-house fiber connectivity solutions using Cleerline Fiber, TechLogix fiber signal distribution products, and Niveo 18g fiber switches for full 4K 18g 4:4:4 HDR HDCP2.2 installations. Other participating vendors include Next Level Acoustics, Atlantic Technology, Vanguard Dynamics, Melidi Acoustics, Platinum Tools, NuVo, and Simple Control.

Dealers planning to attend are encouraged to RSVP by contacting Novus at or calling 617.600.7181.

NewLine Representatives
Potter and Lessor have begun taking to the streets to meet with dealers at offices and jobsites to help specify the right solutions for installs. The firm will focus on a select assortment of lines. Present lines include locally-manufactured Next Level Acoustics and Meliti Acoustics. New lines will be announced shortly. NewLine Reps: / phone: 781.365.9091.

About Novus Distribution and NewLine Reps
In 2016, CEDIA channel veterans Jason Potter and Dave Lessor established Novus Distribution and sister company NewLine Representatives. Based in Burlington, MA, the companies sell residential and commercial audio and video equipment to retailers and integrators throughout New England. Potter’ss 20-years in A/V sales and distribution provides unmatched manufacturer and product knowledge that benefits vendors and customers alike. Lessor brings 10-years of commercial and residential A/V sales and integration experience. With their vast expertise and novel business concepts, the two companies usher in a new era of wholesale A/V distribution and independent manufacturer sales representation.
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