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April 06, 2016
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Via the IC720 App, events like invasions, crimes, suspicious activity captured by the IC720 BEAM 360x360 camera can instantly be shared to YouTube and Facebook for 360-viewing (and sharing) by the masses and without requiring any special playback hardware

LAS VEGAS, NV - April 6, 2016 - At ISC West 2016, IC Realtime (booth #16059) will be demonstrating the latest advancements to its IC720 360-degree x 360-degree video camera technology, namely its ability to share video instantly to YouTube and Facebook, as well as stream live video to virtual reality headsets such as ALLie VR, Oculus Rift and ZEISS VR One.

The IC Realtime IC720 BEAM is an ONVIF-compliant, 24-megapixel dual-sensor 4K Virtual PTZ camera designed for professional applications. The camera captures 360-degrees horizontally by 360-degrees vertically, accomplishing fields-of-view that until now required several cameras to achieve.

The proprietary IC720 software App seamlessly stitches together each sensor’ss video feed, and via a display device such as a Smartphone or Tablet, users can view from floor-to-ceiling and completely around the camera itself, either monitoring in real-time or recorded content.

Navigation is achieved by pointing the display device in the desired directions, or via finger-based gesture control of the touchscreen which also accesses zoom and freeze options. The camera has no moving parts, therefore it is free of blind spots. The camera can also stream live video to virtual reality headsets such as ALLie VR, Oculus Rift and ZEISS VR One.

Further distinctive is that through the App, 360-video can instantly be shared to YouTube and Facebook. (Each has a 360-initiative that allows users to view 360-videos without the need of special hardware or App.)

“The benefits of being able to capture 360x360 video of crimes, suspicious activities, accidents, etc. and to share them to these top social media outlets for quick and easy viewing has not been done in the surveillance world until now. IC Realtime has created an entirely new paradigm in video surveillance, as the sharing that takes place in social media quickly and organically creates a continuously growing watchdog community. This can ultimately grant end-users realistic confidences of higher levels of security than ever before deemed possible, and can help authorities nab wrong-doers and suspects faster,” says IC Realtime CEO Matt Sailor.

Situational Awareness
IC720 also works as a ‘brain’s to other connected PTZ cameras on the jobsite. By way of the latest IC720 software updates, 3D coordinates of the motion-based events detected by IC720 can be translated into absolute positions for the PTZ cameras to zoom-in on.

“With this type of capability, IC Realtime seeks to ensure that PTZ cameras are no longer looking in the wrong direction when critical events occur. Enriching current installations and adding intelligence to current high-end PTZ camera offerings on the market is yet another reason IC720 is a game-changer,” says Sailor.
At last year’ss ISC West, the IC720 BEAM camera was sole recipient of the New Product Showcase Judge’ss Choice Award.

About IC Realtime
Established in 2006, IC Realtime is an American-owned and operated digital surveillance and technology product innovator and manufacturer that serves the residential, commercial, government and military channels. The company’ss mission statement is to innovate, deliver and support America video technology.
IC Realtime has pioneered the introduction of the Cloud Video Recorderâ„¢; 360-degree x 360-degree video surveillance camera technology, and is a strong supporter of the UL2802 performance testing standard for camera image quality. In the 2012-2015 CEPro Magazine CE Pro 100 Brand Analysis, IC Realtime ranked as #1 IP camera / surveillance brand. IC Realtime is part of parent / holding company IC Real Tech, formed in 2014.,,


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