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February 22, 2016
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To deliver superb Dolby Atmos sound effects in rooms where use of in-ceiling speakers is not an option, Triad has created two Dolby Atmos enabled height modules for its InRoom LCRs. The modules are ideal for new Dolby Atmos home theater installations as well as retrofit upgrades of existing surround systems, and can also be used with other brand’ss loudspeakers. The modules are available in Triad’ss Bronze and Silver series levels of performance.

Portland, OR — February 22, 2016 — Custom made-in-the-USA manufacturer Triad Speakers, Inc. today announced the expansion of its Dolby Atmos® loudspeaker offerings to include Dolby Atmos enabled height modules in its Bronze and Silver series. Used in conjunction with LCRs to achieve the full effects of Dolby Atmos, the module’ss function is to direct overhead effects towards the ceiling, which is reflected towards the listener. While ideally mated with matching Triad LCRs, the modules can be used with other front channel speakers. MSRP is $500 and $600 per module, respectively.

With Dolby Atmos, sound comes alive from all directions, including overhead, to fill the home theater with astonishing clarity, power, detail, and depth. To achieve the immersive moving audio experience of Dolby Atmos without using separate in-ceiling speakers to capture overhead effects, required is either in-room main channel LCR speakers with integrated height channels (i.e. Triad’ss InRoom Bronze or Silver LR-H speakers) or Dolby Atmos enabled height modules used in concert with LCRs.

Each Triad module consists of an upward firing top array optimized to bounce sound effects off the ceiling: the Bronze is comprised of four 2-inch drivers; the Silver incorporates four 3-inch drivers. Each module aesthetically complements its InRoom Bronze or Silver LCR counterpart. The module either sits atop the LCR or is placed in close proximity appropriate for its performance such as in a cabinet or on a wall.

In 2014, Triad introduced its first integrated Dolby Atmos loudspeaker solution, the InRoom Bronze LR-H. Last year the company upped the ante with the even higher-performing version, the InRoom Silver LR-H. According to Triad founder and CEO Larry Pexton, the company’ss Dolby Atmos loudspeaker offerings are the best-performing in the custom residential channel today.

The Triad Dolby Atmos enabled height modules are passive, therefore require Dolby Atmos Audio Video Receivers or Preamp-Processors/Amp combinations to power them. The Bronze and Silver modules are available in a wide variety of colors and finishes including custom paint-matched or veneered to match the décor of the room. To make a complete system, the modules are ideally complemented by Triad LCR’ss, Center Channel speakers and Subwoofers.

InRoom Bronze Dolby Atmos Enabled Height Speaker Specifications
Top Firing Drivers: Four (4) proprietary 2-inch full-range neodymium drivers
Recommended Power: 50-150 watts
Frequency Range: f3 180 Hz - 20 kHz
Sensitivity: 89 dB/1W/1m
Nominal Impedance: 6 ohms
Weight: 7.25 lbs

InRoom Silver Dolby Atmos Enabled Height Speaker Specifications
Top Firing Drivers: Four (4) proprietary 3-inch full-range neodymium drivers
Recommended Power: 50-200 watts
Frequency Range: f3 130 Hz - 20 kHz
Sensitivity: 89 dB/1W/1m
Nominal Impedance: 6 ohms
Weight: 10 lbs

For more information visit For all Triad Speakers, Inc. press inquiries please email or call 631.849.4301.

About Triad Speakers
Established in 1982 by CEO Larry Pexton (a founding member and Immediate Past Chairman of CEDIA), Triad Speakers, Inc. is a steadily growing provider of complete loudspeaker solutions for multi-room residential and home theater system applications.

A top choice by many custom integrators nationwide, Triad has made significant advancements in the arena of front-channel speakers, surrounds, subwoofers, distributed audio speakers via enclosed in-wall, in-ceiling, on-wall and freestanding designs. Over 80% of Triad’ss products are manufactured daily in Portland Oregon, in a pure build to order operation with no work in progress and no finished goods inventory of the US built products. Triad was an early supporter of Dolby Atmos enabled speakers lending its manufacturing expertise to early product development by Dolby Laboratories.

About Dolby Atmos
Dolby Atmos delivers moving audio—sound that can be precisely placed and moved anywhere in three-dimensional space, including overhead. It brings entertainment alive all around the audience in a powerfully immersive and emotive experience.
Since its introduction in the cinema in 2012, Dolby Atmos has been embraced by all the major Hollywood studios, 14 Academy Award® winning directors, and 27 Academy Award winning sound mixers, among others. To learn more about Dolby Atmos, visit


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