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February 01, 2012

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Detachable Micro-Viewer Transforms a Variety of Compatible Sunglasses to Stealth Video Eyewear, Creating a Virtual 75-Inch 2D or 3D Personal Theater Experience

Amesbury, MA - Fashion Consumer Electronics Company Nabes, LLC today announced that they have been granted a US design patent for their video eyewear system. The Nabes system is comprised of the company’s user-detachable binocular micro-viewer that clips into Nabes compatible fashion sunglasses.

The system connects to iPhones, Smartphones or most any consumer video source. Nabes binocular micro-viewer creates the experience of a private, high-quality personal theater with a 75-inch virtual image viewed from a distance of 9 feet.

Nabes’ micro-viewer is tiny in size (approximately 0.75-inches H x 0.6-inches D x 3.3-inches L), convenient to carry and quickly clips in and out of the compatible sunglasses. It’s patented, folded optics create a stealthy 0.6-inch thin viewer that hides behind the frame so the user appears as if they are wearing normal sunglasses when the viewer’s installed. The compact size also provides the comfort of good peripheral vision so users feel safe and remain aware of their surroundings.

This patented detachable system allows Nabes to design and market a variety of sunglass styles appealing to a wide variety of consumer tastes. The patent also gives Nabes the ability to license third-party eyewear manufacturers to design the Nabes attachment feature into their sunglasses.

Nabes’ patented center-mount design eliminates any torque transmitted from the frame to the micro-viewer, thus maintaining precise optical image alignment. This makes possible a consistent high-quality viewing experience free from image distortion and eyestrain.

Bob Spaller, Nabes President/CTO and inventor said, “For years Industry analysts have said that video eyewear is the only way to comfortably watch TV and movies from small screen players while retaining pocket portability, but it won’t gain widespread acceptance if the user feels uncomfortable and looks like a sci-fi character.”

Spaller continued, “Nabes’ breakthrough design fundamentally changes video eyewear from a “Gawkward” niche product into a chic essential entertainment companion for the massive iPhone and Smartphone market.”

Nabes has designed a complete system including critical manufacturing processes for the viewer optics and electronics as well as working prototypes of the system with plans to begin production in late 2012.

The first Nabes product will weigh approximately 2 ounces, have WVGA resolution with iOS, composite video, HDMI and USB interfaces on a rechargeable control box with 4-hours of run time, stereo in-ear earphones, and sell with high-quality fashionable sunglasses offering full UV protection, all at less than an estimated $500 MSRP.

Prototype product photos and demonstration videos can be viewed at Nabes website Nabes can be followed on Facebook, YouTube, Google + or Twitter.

The design patent number 8,004,769 B2 has been granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office to Robert Spaller for this system and is the property of Nabes, LLC.

About Nabes, LLC
Nabes, LLC is a Fashion Consumer Electronics Company founded in 2010 that designs develops and markets it’s innovative, patented video sunglass system for consumers to comfortably and privately watch movies, TV and games in 2D or 3D on a virtual big screen from small screen media players. Nabes designs and markets high-quality consumer sunglasses in a variety of fashionable styles that include Nabes patented attachment feature to which consumers can quickly attach the patented lightweight, miniature Nabes micro-viewer for private, big-screen entertainment with high-quality stereo sound. The origin of the term Nabes is American slang from the ‘30’s short for ‘neighborhood movie theater.’ NabesTM is a trademark of Nabes LLC and is headquartered in Amesbury, Massachusetts, USA. For more information, visit

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Paul Muto
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Paul Fredrickson
Chief Marketing Officer
Nabes, LLC.

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