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February 14, 2011
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Swift and nimble execution, flexible and scalable solutions lauded by Dealers

Austin, TX – February 14, 2011 – ihiji, creator of invision, the cloud-based remote support system that empowers dealers to increase servicing efficiency and profits through its implementation as a service contract to homeowners, has implemented new pricing, new features and Crestron I2P certification, providing integrators with the most adaptable solution available today.

New invision Pricing
Providing dealers with greater flexibility in pricing an invision system for clients of all sizes, ihiji now boasts six (6) different pricing tiers, effectively enabling easy implementation of invision into installations of any size or scope.

An additional Plus-Five pricing option allowing dealers to add five (5) additional monitored devices to any other service tier for one low price, offers easy expansion for systems on the cusp, ideal for those not requiring the next full service tier.

New invision Features
Further adapting the solution to the needs of dealers, ihiji recently implemented significant improvements to the invision user interface and system, providing enhanced diagnostic and remote maintenance capabilities, designed to save dealers time and money:

· Designed to improve both access and functionality of the invision solution on iPad, iPod, iPhone and Android devices, ihiji has produced a non-flash based System Map, which gives dealers device status by physical location, in an easy to read visual report – with additional troubleshooting functionality to view each device’s status, then reset, reboot or repair it either remotely or via an onsite service call.

· A geographical Client Map view that pinpoints each dealer’s active client sites and reports device status on a national map has also been added, with a new fully-interactive version available for immediate implementation. Granting dealers the ability to proactively identify and resolve multi-client site device deviations, the Client Map provides valuable insight into system-wide deviations, even those caused by third-party service providers. Dealers can quickly ascertain who the responsible party would be, and notify either the provider or the client for quick resolution. Outages or issues with internet, cable, or telephony for instance, are easily identifiable remotely; either eliminating unnecessary service calls altogether or providing a more effective use of time and resources if rolling a truck to the site is required.

· Crestron dealers have the ability to do more with invision; ihiji developed and deployed a custom Crestron module, which enables remote 2-way monitoring of RS-232, IP, Zigbee or Cresnet devices within the ihiji invision application. Any number of devices can be configured behind the Crestron processor to send values to the invision system, where parameters for notification and the proper contacts can be easily configured. Text or Email alerts deliver reports automatically whenever a value is returned outside of the defined parameter range - which can be in analog, digital, or serial form. This level of functionality is unique to ihiji and not offered by any other cloud-based solution on the market today.

“Our ability to quickly deploy enhancements, upgrades, and more flexible pricing options, coupled with the constant evolution of our invision system, demonstrates our commitment to continuous improvement and puts us in the unique position of providing a more flexible, scalable and functional solution than has been previously available within the category“, says ihiji principal and co-founder Michael Maniscalco. “We have dedicated ourselves to the continuous development of invision, and in delivering innovative solutions that pave the way to our dealers’ ongoing success. With these new enhancements, our Crestron integration module and forthcoming AMX and Control4 modules, and enhanced security integration, we are able to provide the category’s most robust solution. The solutions we are delivering today are just the beginning, what’s coming down the pipeline is impressive.”

Chicago-area Independent sales rep firm CDMI, Inc.’s President John Russell furthered the sentiment noting, “The combination of these powerful new features and pricing options is a real game-changer. Not only does it give us ultimate flexibility, but also it is a testament to ihiji’s quick and nimble execution; the dealers asked for these things and they delivered – quickly. That’s pretty unusual these days, and speaks volumes. Invision is an impressive solution backed by a great group of talented guys.”

invision enables 24 / 7 two-way communication with many leading control, entertainment, network, HVAC and lighting system products (and more) and can easily be integrated with past, present and future installations.

Dealers interested in learning more about the ihiji invision solution should contact Michael Maniscalco at 888.321.9170 or email

About ihiji
ihiji is a leading company that provides invision, a simple-to-use yet robust remote systems monitoring and servicing solution, which enables proactive client system performance management to the Electronics Systems Contractor industry. ihiji creates a partnership with its dealers to offer inspired solutions to complicated problems, increase end-user satisfaction and drive higher revenues. With a rich history as futurists and technologists, the company’s management team has a unique and inspired background comprised of computer and electrical engineering, research and development, information technology, computer programming, and graduate level business with vast experience in residential electronics systems design, installation and servicing. Visit for more information. You can also follow ihiji on Twitter and on Facebook.


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