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August 13, 2009
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Empowers Residential Electronics Systems Contractors to Identify and Repair Client System Problems

West Palm Beach, FL – August 13, 2009 – ihiji is inviting 2009 CEDIA Expo attendees to experience its inaugural product, invision, a software solution that grants dealers the ability to remotely monitor, service and maintain their client’s in-home electronic systems including but not limited to entertainment, network, HVAC and lighting. This proactive solution offers dealers a tremendous opportunity to create a recurring revenue stream in the form of a service contract while improving client satisfaction. The company will be demonstrating at the Glenn Hotel (located across from the CNN Center). Dealers interested in arranging a meeting are encouraged to contact ihiji vice president Michael Maniscalco at 888.321.9170 or by emailing

Hosted and managed on ihiji’s central web-based server, invision is a web application sold directly to dealers who in turn offer its service to their clients. invision is available in four levels of service: entry, basic, advanced and unlimited. The levels increase as a greater number of devices in the home are monitored.

A standalone device (appliance) installed at the client site reports system deviations to ihiji’s back-end server. invision monitors critical aspects of system components as well as equipment that commonly require servicing in the form of resetting, repair or replacement. Examples of monitored aspects are a component’s general availability; temperature; hard drive status; projector bulb life; ink / toner levels; processor loads and memory availability.

The company has dedicated a tremendous amount of effort into creating a simplified user-interface; once the system has been set up (in the web application) the dealer receives notifications of any deviations by email, SMS, or automated voice message. The dealer can also log into the web interface and view real-time status, see alert history, schedule system downtime, attach comments, or provide remote support.

”The ability to apprise the dealer of what to look for at the jobsite, or fix a problem remotely by the push of a button in their office, is huge,” says Maniscalco. “Our experience shows that end-users are willing to pay a premium for this improved reliability and decreased downtime, making invision an ideal core component of an annual home service plan.”
invision consists of three pieces: the web 2.0 application, the appliance and the back-end server. The appliance executes status checks and passes the results to the back-end servers.

The back-end server infrastructure stores all of the client data and monitoring history and manages the appliance configurations and updates. According to Maniscalco, invision is based on an open source platform, creating a highly scalable and reliable system, without any of the headaches and licensing costs associated with proprietary software systems.

“Devices are now linked to each other and the world by IP rather than proprietary cables and protocols,” says Maniscalco. While invision is designed to be easy-to-use and configured by dealers at all skill levels, ihiji understands that some dealers could use help in making a smooth transition to the converged worlds of AV and IT. Accordingly, ihiji will offer consulting services (at hourly rates or packaged classes) to dealers that need assistance in the areas of networking fundamentals, system design and implementation.”

Interested dealers and sales representatives should contact Michael Maniscalco at 888.321.9170 or by emailing

About ihiji
ihiji is a leading company that provides invision, an intuitive monitoring tool, to the Residential Electronics Systems Contractor (RESC) industry. ihiji creates a partnership with its dealers to offer inspired solutions to complicated problems, increase end-user satisfaction and drive higher revenues. The company’s management team has a unique background comprised of computer and electrical engineering, research and development, information technology, computer programming, and graduate level business with vast experience in residential electronics systems design, installation and servicing.

Contact information: ihiji, 3728 Georgia Ave, Suite 2B, West Palm Beach, FL 33405
Phone: 888.321.9170; Internet:


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