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January 06, 2008
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”The Cue Radio Is Designed To Outperform, Outlast and Outcast Many Tabletop Audio Systems on the Market Today,” Boldly Says Co-Founder and CEO Sam Millen

Las Vegas, NV – January 6, 2008 – New consumer electronics brand Cue Acoustics, Inc. is introducing itself to the world with its first product, “The Cue Radio” model r1, a beautifully designed and precision built AM/FM radio which uses Apple’s universal iPod dock. The company will be exhibiting at the 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, January 7-10. CUE Acoustics’ booth is IP247, located in The Sands/Venetian venue.

Cue Acoustics and The Cue Radio are the brainchild of co-founder and CEO Sam Millen, a Massachusetts-based industrial designer and product development specialist whose former clients include both Fortune 500 and consumer electronics companies. Cue Acoustics has invested thousands of man hours in research and development to create a tabletop audio system that is best-in-class, with a focus on integration in the home, top quality audio performance and ease-of-use for all consumers.

”The Cue Radio’s understated clean lines and intuitive, minimalistic controls deliver a
contemporary, timeless appearance that is certain to make it at home in any home,” says Millen. The streamlined design highlights an extraordinary attention to detail and craftsmanship including the use of exotic engineering materials, textures and finishes which separate The Cue Radio from other products in its segment.

Initially available in a high-gloss arctic white with a gem-like piano black front lens, The Cue Radio will be available in a wide variety of colors by the fourth quarter of 2008. Its compact footprint enables it to easily fit on any night table, desk, bookshelf or kitchen counter. A large high-resolution LCD display clearly depicts all functions, including iPod, radio and time information. Exceptional detail was paid to The Cue Radio’s fit and finish; the company likens its build quality to that of a precision watch.

The Cue Radio delivers astonishing full-bodied sound with impressive dynamic range. It uses a 4-channel amplifier architecture in which each of the channels is nominally capable of 25-watts RMS. Cue collaborated with D2Audio® to implement the digital bi-amplification; one amp drives the internal custom-built 3.5-inch woofer. A second amp drives a ¾-inch silk dome tweeter that is nestled within the center of the woofer. Two reserve amps are poised to drive the optional matching auxiliary speaker. Also utilized is a best-in-class AM/FM tuner for outstanding radio reception.

”The Cue Radio is architecturally distinct in its product segment. It is based on an acoustic suspension design which, when used in concert with the DSP, yields an extremely flat and broad frequency response. Other benefits of the acoustic architecture include remarkably deep and articulate bass response,” says Millen.

The Cue Radio is truly unique in that it incorporates CueTouch™ controls, a fusion of
intelligent interface and design features that consists of touch sensitive surfaces, tactile feedback technology and context specific controls. CueTouch Controls are unique because they are “active.” Depending on the mode of the radio, active feedback includes the appearance of touch sensitive buttons that are revealed to the user by lighting up when they are required for use.

The CueTouch tuning knob enhances the user experience during radio operation by actively and intuitively “finding” each radio station, rendering “detents” which vary in strength based upon the station signal.

In addition to this smart station tuning, the CueTouch knob actively responds to navigation through the iPod menus providing the same kind of position-specific detents. While scrolling through artist, album or song lists, the CueTouch knob provides a “hard stop” at the top or bottom of the menu list.

“Activating the snooze/mute button is as simple as running one’s fingertips across a subtle recess located on top of the radio. Once touched, it has been activated. This simplifies the often clumsy morning process of ‘finding and then pressing,’ to simply finding,” says Millen. This hybrid of state-of-the-art technologies and design features form the CueTouch system which includes haptic technology used under license from Immersion Corporation.

Joel Rosenblatt, Cue Acoustics’ Marketing and Sales Manager and a 40-year audio industry veteran says, “The level of quality and design passion that we have instilled in this tabletop audio system is more in keeping with high-end audio components than typical table radios. We are confident that once consumers have a chance to see, touch and hear The Cue Radio, they are going to love its combination of style, performance, features and quality.”

Millen added, ”The Cue Radio is an unusually high value, especially in today’s market of “commodity” consumer electronics. We believe people will buy The Cue Radio and hand it down to their children decades from now. The Cue Radio is forward compatible, too; most features are enabled by software which can be updated by Cue should the need arise.”

Additional technical highlights of The Cue Radio include:
• iPod compatible including CueTouch™ control of the docked iPod
• High-resolution LCD display shows time, alarm settings, tuned station (including select
station information or (RBDS)), and iPod menu content
• Advanced high performance AM/FM tuner delivers hi-fidelity component quality
reception with outstanding signal sensitivity and selectivity
• Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to dynamically optimize acoustic response
• Dynamic AutoBalance™ automatically optimizes the sound levels, based upon the
volume setting
• 4 built-in user selectable sound profiles to further tune the sound based upon room size or listener preference
• 3.5mm auxiliary input allows the use of other MP3 players, CD players, computers or
other source components
• Dimensions: 10.5” w x 4” h x 6.5” d; Weight 7.5 lbs.

The Cue Radio carries an introductory price of $399, with an optional matching auxiliary
speaker used to create a true tabletop stereo system, for an additional $99. The Cue Radio and its auxiliary speaker will be sold direct over the Internet at and at select retailers in the US initially, and later worldwide. All Cue products will ship with a 30-day money back guarantee and a 3-year Limited Warranty against manufacturing defects.

For all press inquiries, please contact Paul Muto at 631.849.4301 or

About Cue Acoustics, Inc.
Established in 2006 by co-founder and CEO Sam Millen, Cue Acoustics, Inc. is a consumer electronics brand whose mission is to develop high performance, high style, and easy-to-operate entertainment components for the home. Cue Acoustics is comprised of several audio industry and mechanical and industrial design veterans who bring more than 100 years of experience to the company. Cue Acoustics’ first product is The Cue Radio; other innovative products are scheduled to hit the market in late 2008.
Cue Acoustics, Inc., 35 Medford Street, Suite 207, Somerville, MA 02143
Phone: 617.591.9500 / Fax: 617.507.5895 / Internet:

The Cue Radio has been designed specifically to work with iPod and has been certified by the developer to meet Apple performance standards.

Haptic technology included in CueTouch is used under license of Immersion Corporation.



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