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December 05, 2007
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December 5, 2007 – Portland, OR – Larry Pexton, founder and president of custom loudspeaker solution manufacturer Triad Speakers, Inc. – and also a founding member of CEDIA -- announced today that the company is expanding its distribution of Lyngdorf Audio product offerings in the US with the new D-1 multi-channel home theater preamplifier / processor with RoomPerfect™ digital room correction and TDA-2300 matching amplifier.

Earlier this year, Lyngdorf Audio -- a Denmark-based manufacturer that specializes in high-performance audio technologies -- appointed Triad as their exclusive distributor in the US.
Triad, whose product offerings consist of high-end InWall, InCeiling, InRoom and OnWall loudspeakers, seeks to capitalize on its vast distribution network of more than 700 high-end CEDIA dealers to market and sell these two new Lyngdorf home theater components.

Lyngdorf’s unique selling proposition is their patented and award-winning RoomPerfect™, a Digital Signal Processing-based (DSP) room correction technology that greatly improves audio performance automatically by digitally correcting (calibrating) room-caused anomalies that would otherwise hinder sound quality.

According to Lyngdorf, RoomPerfect™ is distinctive among room correction systems; its proprietary technology ensures frequency response far superior to its competition; it also gives much higher freedom of speaker placement in the room.

The January 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV represents the world premiere of the RoomPerfect technology in the home theater category; until this point the RoomPerfect technology was available solely in the company’s 2-channel (stereo) products.

D-1 Home Theater Preamplifier / Processor
According to Peter Lyngdorf, the D-1 is the industry’s most advanced and versatile 8-channel preamplifier / processor. The D-1 is very easy to install and to operate; it utilizes a one-button user interface from where the user sets up and controls all the processing. System settings are pre-defined from 2.0 to 8.8 speaker systems.

The D-1’s advanced RoomPerfect processing permits the use of separate main and woofer speakers on each of the 7 channels, plus a complement of multiple LFE subwoofers, enabling a state-of–the-art 8.8 channel, 16-speaker system. The RoomPerfect auto calibration process includes automatic setting of individual speaker delay.

”While we have achieved amazing results with RoomPerfect in stereo, the room correction effect in a multi-channel system is even greater. With RoomPerfect we can remove all the bad room effects and ensure seamless timbre matching of the speakers irrespective of placement. So, suddenly you will be able to hear how great your audio system actually sounds,” claims Peter Lyngdorf.

The D-1 is fully loaded with every conceivable decoding and post-processing mode, including THX Movie, Music and Games Listening Modes. The D-1 will be THX Certified and one of the first theater processors to feature a groundbreaking new THX technology for simplifying AV product set-up and operation. Codenamed “THX Blackbird,” the technology turns digital media into smart content that can communicate directly with the D-1 and other AV components, enabling them to automatically self-configure for the best playback experience. Examples include setting the appropriate surround sound formats, post processing modes and reference level based on the content being played.

The D-1 has a manufacturers suggested list price of $15,000 and is shipping effective March 2008.

TDA-2300 Amplifier
Designed specifically for use with the D-1 home theater processor, the TDA-2300 is a single rack space 2-channel amplifier capable of delivering 2 x 300 watts continuously into 4 ohms using Lyngdorf’s proprietary True Digital Amplification. For a multi-channel home theater configuration, several TDA-2300’s are required, which are digitally daisy-chained together. The TDA-2300’s compact size allows 8-channels of fully digital amplification in only four rack spaces.

The Lyngdorf D-1 preamplifier / processor is capable of controlling up to 24 TDA-2300 units, building a formidable 14,000-watt purely digital power plant. Being digital, the TDA-2300 will not create any significant heat, therefore multiple TDA-2300’s can be stacked and racked without concern of thermal issues.

TDA-2300 and the D-1 are connected via an encrypted proprietary Lyngdorf Link system that combines control and audio signals in one cable. By using the built-in crossover in the D-1, each daisy-chained TDA-2300 can be set up in individual fashion just by using one cable connection.

Performance-wise the Lyngdorf Link ensures an unbroken digital signal path from source to speaker terminals and thus optimum sound quality. This is due to the fact that the digital Lyngdorf Link allows distribution of the full resolution digital audio signal without violating HDCP - even when derived from an HDMI connected source.

Lyngdorf Senior Sales & Marketing Manager Leif Schmücker says, “The D-1 in combination with TDA-2300 provides crystal-clear sound; the complete signal processing takes place solely in the digital domain making it the world’s first fully-digital home theater preamplifier / processor / power amplifier solution. There is no analog-to-digital or D/A conversion anywhere in the signal path, which makes it outstanding in today’s market.”

The TDA-2300 has a manufacturers suggested list price of $2,900 and shipping effective March 2008.

The new Lyngdorf D-1 Home Theater Preamplifier / Processor and TDA-2300 amplifier can be experienced live at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV January 6-9, 2008. Lyngdorf will be exhibiting at The Venetian in suites 30-227 and 30-228.

Dealers seeking information on selling the products in the US should contact Triad Speakers, Inc. Eastern Regional Manager Bruce Franklin at 860.657.9920 and Western Regional Manager David Bailey at 877.264.6313.

For all press inquiries, please contact Paul Muto at or via phone at 631.849.4301.

Print-quality Lyngdorf product images can be downloaded by visiting:

About Triad Speakers, Inc.
Established in 1982 by President Larry Pexton (a founding member of CEDIA), Triad is a steadily growing provider of complete loudspeaker solutions for multi-room residential and home theater system applications. A top choice by more than 450 CEDIA custom integrators nationwide, the company has made significant advancements in the arena of front-channel speakers, surrounds, subwoofers, distributed audio speakers via enclosed in-wall and in-ceiling and freestanding designs.
Triad Speakers, Inc. / 15835 NE Cameron Blvd., Portland, Oregon 97230 / Toll-free Phone: 800.666.6316 / Fax: 503.256.5966 / Internet:

About Lyngdorf Audio
Founded by hi-fi industry veteran Peter Lyngdorf in 2005, Lyngdorf Audio is a leading player in high performance digital sound systems. Peter Lyngdorf has been directly involved with the development of digital room correction for over 10 years. The company’s roots were established back in 1998, with the launch of world’s first true digital amplifier, the legendary Millennium.

With more than 30 full-time engineers, Lyngdorf Audio’s research and development department is one of the largest of its kind in Europe. The company prides itself on developing complete audio systems, everything from source (CD player) to full digital amplifiers (with advanced digital signal processing) to loudspeaker systems. The result of being able to control every aspect of the entire ‘chain’ is an incredibly high standard of sound reproduction.



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