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January 08, 2007
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Compact, Full-Range, Sealed Box Enclosure Design - Utilizes High Quality Drivers and Components: Ideal For Both Audiophile Distributed Sound and Home Theater Applications

January 8, 2007 – Las Vegas, NV – Custom loudspeaker solution manufacturer Triad Speakers, Inc., debuted their new Omni Special Edition (SE) series of loudspeakers today at the 2007 ICES.

Built upon the industrial design of the company’s existing and very successful Omni series, the new Omni Special Edition (SE) series incorporates proprietary drivers from Seas along with upgraded crossovers. The result is high-sensitivity, extended and flat frequency response, improved power handling of up to 100 watts per speaker, and if desired, the ability to use added equalization.

The Omni SE series is comprised of InWall, InCeiling, OnWall and InRoom models -- and as with all of Triad’s product lines -- offers models at Silver, Gold and Platinum levels of performance. The first four models -- which become available for sale in March 2007 -- are the InWall Silver/4 Omni SE ($750 MSRP each); the InWall Gold/4 Omni SE ($850 MSRP each); the InCeiling Silver/6 Omni SE ($850 MSRP each) and the InCeiling Gold/6 Omni SE ($950 MSRP each).

Both Silver and Gold models use 1-inch dome tweeters as well as 5.25-inch and 6.5-inch woofers respectively – all made by Seas.

According to Triad Speakers, Inc. Director of Sales and Marketing Paul Scarpelli, Triad will also introduce Silver, Gold and Platinum InRoom Omni SE models, as well as an InWall Platinum/6 Omni SE, in late Spring 2007.

Scarpelli says, “The new Omni SE series is perfect for discriminating two-channel distributed audio applications where higher output is desired, or where higher quality at lower playback levels is mandated, such as home theater environments.”

”For those home owners seeking to upgrade to a higher performance InWall Omni, an integrator can easily drop-in the new SE version -- as they utilize the same footprint and corresponding new construction brackets as the basic Omni model,” added Scarpelli.

Both the InWall and InCeiling Omni SE models feature the traditional Triad "bank vault" enclosure, which is sealed, braced, and acoustically inert and prevents sound from bleeding into adjacent rooms. The drivers of the InCeiling models are mounted on a unique angled baffle, directing all of the sound at the listening position.

The Omni SE series features a handsome, Acoustimesh speaker grill. Upon request the company will custom paint match the speaker to blend with the décor of any home - and at no additional cost.

A 300 dpi print-quality digital image of the Omni SE series can be downloaded directly from:

For all press inquiries, please contact Paul Muto at 516.662.5374 or email

About Triad Speakers, Inc.
Established in 1982 by President Larry Pexton (a founding member of CEDIA), Triad is a steadily growing provider of complete loudspeaker solutions for multi-room residential and home theater system applications. A top choice by more than 450 CEDIA custom integrators nationwide, the company has made significant advancements in the arena of front-channel speakers, surrounds, subwoofers, distributed audio speakers via enclosed in-wall and in-ceiling and freestanding designs.

Triad defined itself in 1992 as a provider of “unique architectural audio/video solutions through innovative design and manufacturing.” That mission is unchanged in 2007. The company has explicitly studied and modeled the Toyota Production System to implement its mission. The latest improvement is offering, at no extra charge, custom paint match of the grill frames and inserts in its US manufactured products. Over 90% of Triad’s products are manufactured daily in Portland Oregon, in a pure build to order operation with no work in progress and no finished goods inventory of the US built products. The company uses the finest materials, including premium MDF, drivers from the finest vendors in Northern Europe, high-grade crossover components, and the best veneer and paint finishes and grills.

Voted Best Custom Installation Company in 2006 and 2007
In the 2007 Inside Track Annual Supplier Loyalty Test, Triad achieved first place in its group of
16 custom installation companies in 13 of 16 parameters. Triad ranked first in product performance, product reliability, distribution policies that support specialists, obtainable product margins, tech support, resolution of service, return and repair issues, quality of sales representatives, ease of installation / use; ease-of-doing-business; product changes / price protection, appropriate assortment; just-in-time delivery and specialist oriented business programs. The company placed second in product innovation; sixth in dealer training and eighth in brand recognition. 2007 is the second consecutive year that Triad ranked as Best Custom Installation Company.

Contact info: Triad Speakers, Inc., 15835 NE Cameron Blvd., Portland, Oregon 97230; Main Phone: 503.256.2600; Fax: 503.256.5966; Internet:


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