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January 08, 2007
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January 8, 2007 – Las Vegas, NV - At this year’s ICES, Audio Design Associates (ADA) -- the recognized brand of excellence in high-end custom installed electronics – announced that the company is expanding into new categories with their debut of both Sirius Satellite Radio and HD Radio tuners.

The company’s Sirius Satellite Radio tuners are designed for use in commercial applications such as retail stores and restaurants. The HD Radio tuners are designed for consumers and will be marketed to national and regional consumer electronics retailers across the U.S.

The ADA SRX-1 Sirius Satellite tuner
The ADA SRX-1 Sirius tuner is a rack mountable, component tuner, feature-equipped to serve commercial environments that employ Sirius Satellite Radio programming to enhance their atmosphere for their patrons. While one-half rack-mount in width and one full rack-space in height, the unit can either be rack-mounted or placed directly atop a shelf or another component.

The SRX-1 features a programmable time schedule wherein various program formats can be recalled based on the day of the week and time of day. The SRX-1 also utilizes a low-voltage DC trigger that can be programmed to turn external power amplifiers on and off.

Along with the SRX-1 -- which utilizes ADA’s award-winning tuner technology -- the company is marketing its lauded PF-201 power amplifier to the commercial market. The significance, according to the company, is that the PF-201 is stable to one-half Ohm and can easily power thirty-two speakers without the use of standard 70-volt step-down transformers common to commercial audio applications.

Albert G. Langella, ADA’s CEO and Chief Design Engineer says, “Our in-house tests illustrate that the SRX-1 / PF-201 package delivers sound quality far beyond the standard 70-volt systems. In such, ADA is now in position to deliver the same kind of high-end audio to the retail arena that we’ve long been known for in the residential arena.”

ADA VP and COO Richard Stoerger added, “The beauty of the SRX-1 is that the installation company can program the tuner to turn on and off or change channels at specific times and
dates. And with its simple single knob operation, a retail clerk can simply press-and-turn to navigate the menu system. The SRX-1 is totally ideal for its environment.”

The SRX-1 will not be part of ADA’s multi-room product line, but rather will be distributed by Sirius Satellite Radio’s sales distribution network.

ADA HDMT-1 HD Radio™ tuner
The ADA HDMT-1 HD Radio tuner is a high-quality, low-cost component tuner targeted for the mass retail market. While the unit will not be part of ADA’s custom-install product line, it will be branded ADA and sold into national and regional consumer electronics retailers across the U.S.

Langella says, “With great reviews of our custom-install tuners over the years, (including the award-winning Tune Suite, Duo Tuner, HD Radio and professional broadcast HD-Pro units) we have built a reputation for the best-sounding custom-install tuners available. For these reasons, the folks at HD Radio encouraged us to bring to market an affordable and high fidelity HD Radio tuner that provides the same great sound as our custom-installed tuners. We believe we’ve hit a home run with the HDMT-1!”

ADA VP and COO Richard Stoerger furthered, “The HDMT-1 HD Radio tuner leverages ADA’s vast expertise in tuner design and manufacturing and will enable us to widen our reach and associated branding into larger, more mainstream consumer electronics channels.”

ADA plans to ship the SRX-1 Sirius Satellite tuner and the HDMT-1 HD Radio tuner beginning April 2007. Pricing has not yet been determined for either unit.

For all press inquiries please contact Paul Muto at 516.662.5374 or email

About Audio Design Associates
Headquartered in White Plains, New York, Audio Design Associates (ADA) is recognized as the brand of excellence and has been the undisputed leader in the fields of high-end home theater and multi-room technology since 1977. Albert Langella, ADA’s Chief Design Engineer, CEO and President, received CEDIA’s most hallowed award, The Lifetime Achievement Award, in 1994, in honor of his achievements with the company and technological contributions to the marketplace. In 2006, COO and VP Richard Stoerger received recognition as CEDIA Manufacturer Volunteer of the Year.

ADA Contact Information: Audio Design Associates / 602-610 Mamaroneck Ave, White Plains, NY 10605 / Phone: 914.946.9595 / Internet:

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